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Associated Press names Les Miles college football Coach of the Year

Throughout the past decade, Louisiana State University’s football team has been a force in the South. For the past six seasons, head coach Les Miles has proven that a combination of coaching education and natural aptitude for the game can lead to supreme success. The coach was recently named The Associated Press Head Coach of the Year for college football, and many agree it was well deserved.

The Huffington Post reports that the true reasoning behind the AP nod might have been the product of the poise and aplomb Miles exhibited through a speed-bump-filled season. Even so, the team had a stellar record, finished the regular season with the top rank in the country and is currently preparing for the Bowl Championship Series title game against Alabama on January 9.

“I’m not going, ‘Ha! How do you like me now?’ I’m really not,” Miles explained at a conference, according to the Huffington Post. “The support that is given to this program is tremendous. I could never do this without LSU. Our team is a quality group of men that just have to have victory, that will scrap and fight you tooth and nail for it. And I’ve got a quality group of coaches who love their pyers and put together great game plans. We fight together I don’t pretend for a minute that it’s only me. It’s not even close.”

His acceptance speech is very characteristic of his coaching style. Unlike many head coaches with defensive-oriented strategies, Miles is incredibly humble and rarely loses his temper. Many of his players have gone on to be successful professionals in the NFL, and almost all express gratitude when discussing their collegiate days under Miles.

According to the school’s website, Miles has a total record of 75 and 17 in his six seasons as head coach, beginning in 2005. Miles has also already won one National Championship, and will look to add another trophy to the school’s case come January 9. Above all else, though, Miles consistently expresses his love for the game.

“For you not to enjoy playing in a match-up with two nationally ranked guys, both teams undefeated, to not have enjoyment of that circumstance, I don’t know if I could do it,” he explained in the Times-Picayune in 2010.

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