Online Master’s in Coaching Education

Coaching Education Degree

Master’s in Coaching Education

Ohio University’s online master’s degree in Coaching Education program is designed to prepare graduates to become successful long-term coaches at all levels of athletics.

The master’s degree in Coaching Education curriculum will take students 2 years to complete. Students are required to complete one 4-5 day on-campus “Global Sport Coaching Seminar” during the summer term.

OHIO Coaching Education

The online program includes in-depth discussions and hands-on projects that directly relate to coaching and improving athletic performance at both the individual and team level. In addition to traditional learning methods, students in the Coaching Education program learn and network with other active coaches and the coaching education faculty through online discussions, group collaboration, direct chats, blogs, and discussion boards.

Master’s Degree in Coaching Education Topics Include:

• Management and Leadership in Sport • Psychology of Sport Coaching
• Foundations of Sport Coaching I • Ethics and Diversity in Sport Coaching
• Foundations of Sport Coaching II • Introduction to the National Standards
• Performance and Conditioning for Sport Coaches • Injury Prevention & Risk Management
• Coaching Tactics • Research Methods for Sports Performance
• Finance for Sport Coaches • Introduction to Sport Coaching Education
• Coach Performance Evaluation

Attend the Global Sport Coaching Seminar:   This 4-5 day on-campus session takes place during the summer term with some of the nation’s top coaches. Experience these benefits: Networking with multiple cohorts and build credibility, hear keynote speakers addressing hot-topic discussions with follow-up Q&A session, conduct mock interviews to help prepare you for future opportunities, model teaching – 6 minutes to teach a technique & be evaluated, walk away with coaching materials for future reference and learn a variety of coaching techniques that transcend across sports.

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